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Woman Painting Pottery

Paint your own pottery

Express your creativity by painting your own unique pottery piece.

Choose from a wide variety of pottery pieces made by our team and let your imagination run wild as you paint one-of-a-kind designs and colors.

join us on a journey of color, design, and self-expression

Book a time slot to ensure your spot , to explore your creativity and design your own pottery masterpiece. 

What to expect

paint-your-own pottery studio

Choice and Inspiration

Pick from wide range of pieces made by our very own team from saucer to plates to vase. *please note that we do not have full size mug, bowl and plates.

Price range from $5 - $30 depending on the size.

Paint Your Own Pottery Toronto

Start painting

Our studio team will explain the basic rules and paint away !

Paint Your Own Pottery Toronto

Leave the rest to us

Once you are done, we will glaze and fire the piece for you.

The finished pieces will be ready to be pick up in 2 weeks.

Please note : regarding the quality of fired work. While we take every precaution to achieve the best possible firing outcomes, variations in the firing process and clay properties can lead to unexpected results.

Whether you're flying solo, bringing a friend, or planning a group outing, our "Paint Your Own Pottery" experience offers a fun and relaxing way to explore your creativity. It's perfect for individuals, families, friends, or even as a unique date idea.

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